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Cards of Destiny

A timeless script of the Cosmic Playhouse

Connect with me through a higher source of knowledge so that you may align your energies with the most beneficial outcomes in all areas of life using the ancestral wisdom of the playing cards via

the Cards of Destiny.

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Schedule an "online booth" reading to receive a 30-minute consultation with Darrow before the event at 50% off and receive a complimentary karmic release session at my booth, an annointing with the oil of Angel Sandalphon.

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Have you ever felt as though the playing cards were first developed for a purpose other than games?

Come join me for a 1/2 hour speaking engagement on the ancient ways of the playing card divination.

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Tarot by Mystic Darrow

What’s the big deal about regular deck of playing cards?

The 52 card deck is the most perfectly in-tune with the Earth's natural cycles and the solar system by simple calculations relating to our modern calendar according to your day of birth. How would you like to know the dates of when you are most effected by the influence of 1 of seven planets combined with a card that goes with that planet that year giving huge clues to the outcome of important decisions you are making? The information for an entire year is available and quite relevant to opportunities, people in your life, and deeper meanings that are headed your way.

We can also look to longer 7 year cycles for longer term concerns, for example, relationships or business investments.

Through the Cards of Destiny system I look forward to connecting you with the ancestral wisdom of the playing cards so you can get your your energies aligned to your most beneficial outcome.

Try your first 5 minutes free by text, in person, or by phone or take advantage of the 50% off online booth reading.

If you would like you're Cards of Destiny read you may contact me directly first by texting (619) 919-7569 or you may also call to schedule. If I am unavailable or if email is your preference send a message to mysticdarrow@proton.me

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What is YOUR birth card?

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